Army Costume Ideas For Kids And Adults



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Need army costume ideas? If yes, then you are at the right place. An army costume is an occupation costume which can be used for all kinds of fancy dress parties. In this post, we’ve put together some army costume ideas which you can use.

Kids boys desert army officer costume:

This is a cool costume that is perfect for kids fancy dress parties. With the kids boys army officer costume, your little boy can be the lieutenant for the day. The things you will be needing for the kids army officer costume include a camouflaged hat, trousers, and top. In this costume, your little boy can command his mates like a real soldier.

British police traditional officer lady costume:

This is another wonderful female costume that looks very simple to put together. The things you will be needing for the British police officer lady costume include a white top, knee length skirt, white and black check tie, truncheon, black hat, and a black vinyl belt that has silver buckle. In this costume, you’ll be looking like a real British cop. The costume can be worn for Halloween, hens party, and other kinds of fancy dress parties.

Ladies uniform fever dress army costume:

This is a female costume that is absolutely fabulous. The costume will bring out your sexy body figure. It can be worn to hens night party, Halloween, and other kinds of fancy dress parties. The things you’ll be needing for this costume include a fitted black dress that comes with a badge at the front, and a hat. If you’re looking for something simple and sexy, then the ladies uniform fever dress army costume is a good pick.

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