How Yoga can Help You to Improve Your Life Style



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Yoga is an ancient practice that seeks to establish a union between your external form and your internal demeanour. With regular practice, you will be able to establish some kind of control on your mind and in turn on your actions. It sometime happens that you want to do something, but end up doing something else. If you have experienced this problem then this is due to the lack of unison between your mind and your actions. You need to enrol in one of the various yoga centres in Mumbai and start practicing as per the guidelines of your instructor. People also learn and practice yoga to alleviate specific problems like obesity, diabetes, acidity, various ache and pain, lack of concentration, lack of physical reflex, arthritis, lack of alertness, bad eye sight, etc.

Practicing yoga to alleviate specific physical and mental problems

If you are willing to learn and practice yoga to alleviate specific problems then you have to discuss your problem with the instructor with an open mind. The instructor is aware of asanas and breathing techniques that will address your specific needs.

Yogic Asanas that help address specific problems


Asanas like agnisar, Uttanpadasana, Bhujangasana, pawanmuktasana, naukasana, etc. help in burning body fat from areas like abdominal cavity. These postures will make you contract and extend the abdominal area muscles. The muscles get a massage which helps in increasing blood circulation in these areas. Good circulation helps in burning up excess fat.


Your flexibility is bound to improve by leaps and bounds when you practice yoga. In the first class, you will not be able to touch your toes, but you should mind in this regard as you can always opt for a back end. But if you stick to it you will come across the fact that difficult poses are slowly becoming easy for you. Slowly and steadily you will also take note of the fact that pain in the toes is a thing of the past. There is no rocket science involved here as the tight hips can strain the joints of the knees. Any sort of lack of flexibility can lead to a situation of incorrect posture.


If you practice postures like Ardhamatsyasan and paschimotasana, you can gain some kind of control over your diabetes. These asanas are known to stimulate internal organs like your pancreas, kidney and liver. As the source of diabetes is the pancreas you are most likely to see some improve in your diabetic condition. In fact, these asanas are also helpful for other ailments like migraine, acidity etc.


Asanas like Pavanmuktasana and Ekpaduttanasanaare helpful in alleviating arthritic conditions. Arthritis usually precipitates when the joint muscles and fibrous tissues get hardened over time. These yogic postures help in smoothening the relevant muscles and alleviate the problem with stiff joints.


This is a universal problem among men as well as women. To alleviate this problem the yoga instructor can instruct you to practice Dharnurasana,Pavanmuktasana, bhujangasana, etc. These asanas massage the back, pelvic and thigh muscles and help alleviate back ache.

The best yoga classes in Mumbai have good instructors who are aware of the specific asanas that cure or alleviate specific problems. You need to visit a good yoga centre that has experienced instructor to get the real benefit of yoga.