Stormshield can Safe You’re Important from Destruction

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Regardless of whether it is the nature, seriousness or condition of the information misfortune, we comprehend that no two recuperations are the same. Your committed information recuperation pro will work with you to decide the best strategy for your hard drive information recuperation.

Information and data is the most imperative piece of human life. Each and every individual is attempting to have some sort of security around their critical information. By one means or another they didn’t try to have security get ready for information and they lost it because of their own carelessness.


Mechanical failures

On the off chance that your hard drive is not working or is making clicking and additionally pounding clamor, it is encountering a mechanical disappointment. This could be because of a head crash as well as engine disappointment. Mechanical disappointments require a cleanroom situation so as to uncase the hard drive without bringing on additional information misfortune. Get in touch with one of our Data Recovery Professionals today to talk about the best recuperation choices for you.


Logical failures

In the event that your hard drive is working, however you can’t get to a few, or the greater part of your documents, then it is encountering a coherent disappointment. This could be because of a lost parcel or unplanned reformatting of the drive. Attempt our DIY information recuperation programming before continuing with information recuperation benefit.


Email search and recovery. Simplified.

Stormshield is a better to keep save your mostly personal data that helps IT overseers granularly seek and reestablish letter drops, messages, connections and other Microsoft Office Outlook things – without reestablishing the whole database.


Recover your data

Problem has finished now due to Stormshield, do-it-without anyone else’s help information recuperation programming prepared to recover your missing documents effortlessly. Not exclusively does it recoup information, it additionally secures and deletes, making it a comprehensive information programming suite.




Search and restore tables in seconds


Stormshield enables you to rapidly and effectively find, recuperate, and reestablish content –, for example, reports, records, libraries, and envelopes – or whole SharePoint Server destinations, dispensing with the need a costly rebuilding server accessible.



Permits you inquiry, review, and reestablish tables from an assortment of information sources:

  • Local SQL BAK documents
  • Disconnected MDF, LDF, and NDF documents
  • Capacity level previews
  • Striped, differential, and exchange log reinforcements
  • No compelling reason to reestablish the whole database, sparing hours of time all the while!

Data erasure solutions

Stormshield give a full assortment of information deletion answers for fit your own or corporate needs – from do-it-without anyone’s help eradication programming and equipment to advantageous eradication administrations.