The origin of the concept of birthday cake



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A party doesn’t complete without cake. But have ever wondered from where the concept of cake has come? Be it birthday bash or any other party the presence of cake is must. And now a days it has become a tradition to begin birthday party with song, cutting cake, candles and wishes. If you go through the list of bakeries in Gurgaon most of them tend to have an ancient history attached to it.

First and foremost, the top bakeries in Gurgaon do pay attention to the favourites of the customers. If you opt for the online route one of the major advantage is that you can find the types of cakes which are chosen more by the customers. In fact, most of them will have a section devoted to the bestselling cakes and you can make a decision based on it.

The history

The concept of birthday cake as believed was first made in Germany in the middle ages. The Germans were liked to celebrate their children’s birthday party with cake. And that is called as celebration kinder fest. But the cake they made was a coarse and bread-like product. A sweeter version of it came much later than that. It is said that in 17th century the birthday cakes were designed with detailing. It came more elaborate to us as icing, layers and decorations were done upon it to make it more beautiful and eye-catching. But those beautiful ones are worthier to the wealthier and upper-class due to the cake’s high price. But as the time initiates the cake became more affordable and number of cakes also produced in a bigger quantity than before. This is because baking utensils and food prices went down than before.

Again, one thing we do is placing candle over the cake. But why we put so? Is there any theory behind it? Many studies say that putting candle began on cake in ancient Greece. The people of Greece used to make round cakes to give honour to Artemis, the goddess of the moon. They used to lit candles over the cake as it is a representation of the glow of moon. They thought that the smoke from the candle would carry their prayers and wishes to their god. And this culture is carried down by the western culture. They joined another one to the queue by singing a birthday song. The candles over the candle represents the age of the birthday boy or girl whose birthday is being celebrated. And before blowing out all the candles the person is said to make a silent wish. And the wish must have to keep untold or otherwise it is rumoured that the wish will not come true. This is the ritual which is maintained in every birthday party in recent days.

Where to get best birthday cake in Gurgaon?

The cake nowadays has become more complex in varieties and flavours. There are various cake types and flavours available at every cake shops and can be ordered online also in Gurgaon. Some are as red velvet with cream cheese frosting, vanilla bean with butter cream frosting, classis chocolate cake, caramel mud cake, cherry ripe mud cake, etc.

Keep all this in mind when you opt for a bakery in Gurgaon.