Train With The Best To Crack The NEET


Sahil Arora

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NEET or The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is an entrance examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education for students who wish to pursue any graduate medical course in private and government medical colleges.

It has currently replaced the All India Pre-Medical Test and many other regional entrance tests. Usually held in the month of May, the examination is not as easy to prevail because of the limited number of seats against a huge number of applicants from across the country. In the preparation for the exam, students get busy pouring over their textbooks, notes, and guides, studying into the night and trying to memorize all they have studied.

It is important to get started with the preparation for the exam in advance so that path to the destination is clear. Students have a bunch of coaching institutes, online coaching sites and of course a big collection of NEET books to help in the pursuit of preparation. Some of the key things to note about the NEET preparation are:

  • To know the syllabus: First things first. With a good guide it is possible to uncover the vast portion in a well-planned manner. It is important to cut down on extra portions and focus on what is important in the examination point of view. Topics like Mechanics, optics, nuclear physics, and thermodynamics are important in Physics, while General organic chemistry, Chemical bonding, Mole concept, Periodic table are some of the important topics from Chemistry. Ecology and Environment, Genetics, Morphology, reproduction and Physiology of plants and animals and biotechnology are some of the important topics to be covered in Biology.
  • Prepare an Effective study plan: Based on the interviews of toppers, it is clearly understood that a time management and constant study and practice are the keys to success.  It is important to prepare a time-table and strictly abide by it right from the beginning of the year.
  • Collect good study materials: Gathering of essential resources for study is also important in an effective study for NEET. Referring to best Books for NEET, study guides, handbooks along with own notes and solving old question papers can prove to be extremely useful.
  • Practice mock test papers: Many online platforms offer practice mock test papers which help in gaining speed and confidence to attend the exam.

Other important tips include maintaining health, taking regular study breaks and ample sleep. It is important that students should not opt for guess work as there are negative markings in this examination.

With all these being said, it is important to have a positive strategic approach in the preparation for the NEET. Right from the beginning, by focusing on one’s strengths and weaknesses, it is possible to crack the exam successfully. It is not at all advisable to learn new topics at the last moment. Instead, one has to focus on improving on the weaknesses or to increase the speed and accuracy. Revision plays the key role as it not only improves the knowledge but also helps in boosting self-confidence.