What you need to know about testosterone and its effects



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Testosterone isn’t legal in most countries especially in the US, this is considered a controlled substance and the only way that you can get some legally is thru a physician. There are a lot of physician-prescribed medications and most of it is actually what body builders’ use along with athletes. There is a good reason for this and one is to prevent people from using it the wrong way. Because this was supposed to be a treatment drug for people that have low testosterone levels and not for enhancements which are actually widely known for.

We all know the testosterone is, it’s a male hormone. It’s responsible for a man’s manly voice, facial and body hair, development of the genitalia, sperm volume and production, development of muscles, regulation of fat and the ever popular manliness. This actually serves as “the Samson” in a man, if testosterone is low it would mean:

  • Lack of sexual desire (decreased libido)
  • Erectile dysfunction or the inability to get a hard on
  • Body malaise (feeling of tired or no energy)
  • Lack of interest in doing activities (lack of spark if you might say)
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Body fat increase

Causes of low testosterone levels include:

  • Obesity
  • Aid/HIV
  • Infection
  • Illness
  • Kidney or liver disease
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Genetic disorders
  • Pituitary or hypothalamus gland anomaly

Testosterone and bodybuilding: As you have read above there wasn’t really anything that was mentioned about this being highly recommended for bodybuilding. Because for the fact that body building isn’t a disease and there is really nothing that needs to be treated. even if this drug is not intended for bodybuilding, so as all the drugs that people take in body building but regardless of that and the advice of many physicians that this shouldn’t be used if it’s not needed. Despite the warnings and the dangers many people not just exclusive to bodybuilders use testosterone to help enhance their body not just to be buff but also to increase physical capacity.

Long term: If you can’t be talked out of it, might as well that you need to know a thing or two about testosterone. Not just limited to the general information but also the specifics like the users, the reason why this testosterone is taken, preparation, dosage and side effects. It’s not also advisable that you take testosterone for longer periods of time because of the risk of your pituitary gland shutting down and making you prone to testosterone deficiency which will make you end up taking it for a lifetime that is why body building isn’t really advisable in long term.

You should be fully aware of what you are dealing with before you get into it. If you don’t have any good reason to body build like a contest or something then maybe you just need to build your body naturally. You should also need to have a plan or a “fall out” when you need to retire in body building if you are taking supplements and medications and it’s not just as easy as stopping it, you will need to consult a physician for this matter.