Where to settle in Bulgaria with a legal citizenship?



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From the pine-clad ridges of the Balkan Mountains and Rhodope ranges to the sparkling azure waters of the Black Sea, Bulgaria has everything for everyone. The sun-drenched beached, fascinating historical narratives, bustling party towns, snow-packed ski resorts and much more provide a pool of choices for one to settle in the country, however, choosing one from all is quite a challenge. When going for Bulgaria citizenship, here’re some of the most amazing places in the country to settle down and earn a living!


The best of sunshine days for local Bulgarians are enjoyed out of the usual Sofia and Plovdiv by heading to Varna which is more than just a mediocre old town on the edge of the Black Sea. The place has a long and enthralling history with heaps of crumbling Roman bathhouses and elaborative conventional architecture, Varna speaks up history and culture of Bulgaria unlike anything. Then there’re amazing beaches and coastal promenade that beckon travellers with line of seafood restaurants and cocktail bars.

Veliko Tarnovo

Standing proud on the edge of rising foothills of northern Bulgarian mountains is the legendary City of the Tsars; none other than Veliko Tarnovo. The town’s nothing short of breath-taking and cleaved by “S” shaped rambles of the Yantra River. The terracotta-shaded rooftop terraces loom large over the waterways below.

The beautiful cobblestoned lanes and timbered homes of the old town are best examples of the once renowned Tarnovo school. Travellers and those moving to the place permanently bearing Bulgaria citizenship get an exclusive experience of natural beauty, coniferous woods blanketing the surrounding landscape and intact culture.


The capital city of Bulgaria, none other than Sofia boast an amazing history whereas the place is amazing to find a permanent seclusion. The edges comprise great monuments with endless rows of high-rises.

Close to the centre are historic remains of the Serdica Fort and the Roman Byzantine Church of St. George that’s nestled in the shadows of the municipal constructs. The iconic conventional domes and gilded structures of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral glisten magically under the icy tops of Vitosha Mountain.

All in all, Sofia is truly impressive and ideal to find a living with Bulgaria citizenship by investment.


Boasting country’s most iconic architecture with a traditional touch, a picture of rustic and raw, Zheravna is another town of Bulgaria that’s nestled at the very base of the mighty Balkan Mountains.

Cottages have been beautifully restored that pepper the cobbled streets displaying an amazing example of above 150 hardwood facades on display. Amongst the buildings are sites such as the Yordan Yovkov House and St. Nicholas Church that draws biggest crowd of local and foreign travellers.


Among the ideal gateways to the southern stretches of the Black Sea Coast is Burgas. It’s a far cry from the ancient and historic focal points of the country. Burgas proudly boast modern-day Art Deco rises and spruced parks by the coastal edge. It’s also home to some of the most popular stretches of sand as well as beautiful trio of lakes that spread all the way from west to the north.

Rila Monastery

It’s perhaps one of the most famous eastern monasteries in the world, Rila kept on rising till it became absolute mark of pride and symbolism for the entire Bulgarian nation. It also had the privilege to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List way back in 1983 due to the curious yet amazing fusion of Arabesque, Byzantine, Mamluk and Romanesque.

The many museums help travellers to unravel amazing history for almost a thousand years to the present day developments. Not to forget the endless line of courtyards festooned in murals and medieval style that appeals every eye!


Listed above are a few out of many amazing places in Bulgaria to settle with a valid Bulgaria citizenship and shape your lifestyle unlike anything experienced before!

Author Bio: Peter Hensley is fond of travelling with European Union being his favourite of all. Peter has been in and around Bulgaria many times because he simply loves the place and the local Bulgarian cuisine.